Model governance

The first AI Copilot built specifically for actuaries.
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Accelerate actuarial productivity

Model Copilot improves risk and compliance through better model governance and transparency, frees up actuarial time spent on model documentation and understanding, and is built with the security required by modern enterprises.

Secure and Trusted AI

Model Copilot is built with the security and governance required for enterprises. Deploy within Montoux’s secure cloud environment or yours. Configurable security and data controls to meet the compliance requirements of your organization. Integrated AI accuracy scoring to point actuaries to where they should focus their attention.
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Best-in-Class Model Documentation

Feed your actuarial models into Model Copilot and have the tool automatically create full documentation, customized and formatted to the standards of your organization.
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Efficiently Query Complex Models

Increase model transparency by querying complex models to gain a better understanding of how they work, which variables do what, and more.
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Crystal Clear Model Comparison

Automate model comparison by inputting a base model and an altered model, Model Copilot will point out and explain the differences between the two.
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Who is it for

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Modeling Teams
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Model Governance Teams
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Risk and Audit Teams
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Chief Actuaries
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Transformation Leaders


Enterprise License Includes:
  • Flexibility to ingest various actuarial model data
  • Built-in data structuring, enrichment and labeling
  • Library of common prompts and queries
  • Option to deploy in your own environment
  • Configured for your own model documentation requirements 
  • Team collaboration on tasks and jobs
  • Single sign on
  • APIs to connect to a wider ecosystem